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I like the picture most of all

I like the picture most of all

I would like feedback and opinions on that last one


So last night, I’m telling my brother to go to bed. Partly because he never gets up when he’s supposed to, and partly because he was annoying me and I didn’t want him around at the time. So he calls me a “gay fagot masochist.”

I respond with excessive sarcasm, “Oh yes, I’m sure gay! and I’m really a fagot. And I am for sure a masochist. I like to cut myself”

My step mom comes out of no where, and then asks me if I’m really gay. I explain my sarcasm, cause she’s too stupid to know it when she hears it. Then she says “Good! You better not be gay! It’s bad for you!” How? “God made man and woman(she’s Ethiopian, so her English is 100%), and God said this”

I don’t give a fUCK what God said!

"Oh you better not say that!!"

If God is going to insult my friends because of who they are then he is no more deserving of my respect than any other bigot.

Fuck off, bigots.

Dang it… I think I’m losing my insanity

save for the occasional song or two, but you know. I’ve been on Dio’s albums Master of the Moon, Angry Machines and Strange Highways albums. You should listen to em


is my new favorite band, to the point where I haven’t even listened to KISS lately. Kind of absurd that I haven’t listened to Kiss in so long.

Completely awesome

Completely awesome

Aw damn

That last one was kind of, random, I guess; doesn’t really divulge any information. I’m going to ask  Ashley out.


is the fricken day!